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Free iPhone App for Chinese Language Review: ChinesePod

chinesepod_logo.jpgChinesePod (by Praxis Language) is a free iPhone app that is” an integrated Chinese dictionary and flashcard system designed for ‘fast launch, and short use’.” It also has example sentences and audio (this is for context purposes).  To learn more about the app, click on the link below to visit the iTunes app store:


1800 Audio Books Free with iPhone App

audio_book_iphone_app.pngCross Forward Consulting is offering a free iPhone app called Audiobooks. With this app, a user can listen to up to 1800 free audio books. You can browse and search for books by title or author. There is also quick start listen, where you can start to listen to the audio book before it’s completely downloaded. The library that the Audiobooks app pulls from is called the Librivox Project (which is constantly being updated). To check out the app in iTunes, click on the link below:


Free Mobile ESL App (English as a Second Language) from Athabasca University


Athabasca University recently released a free ESL app called Mobile ESL. It is divided into 86 sections. It covers basic grammar and has exercises. You can download the source code and it is released under the Creative Commons license. To learn more about the app or download the source code, click on the link below:


Video (YouTube) on Mobile ESL:

Yodio: Creating Audio (via Your Phone) with a Photo SlideShow

yodio_logo.jpgYodio is a web service that allows for you to record audio (either through a mic on your computer or by calling a number to record a message). You can then use Yodio to upload images that can make a slideshow for your audio. You can share the yodio by either email or you can embed it into a web site. You can get a free account by signing up at Yodio or you can create yodios to sell by upgrading your membership. There is no limit to how many yodios you can create, but there is a limit on space for the free account. To check out more about Yodio, click on the link below:


Blackboard Goes Mobile (iPhone App)

bb_iphone_logo.jpgBlackboard has just released their first mobile app. It’s for the iPhone (or iPod Touch). It works on Blackboard version 7.1 or higher. You can purchase it at the iTunes store (like other iPhone apps). Click on the link below (which will bring you to the iTunes store) to check out more features for the Blackboard app for iPhone: