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Free Daily Spanish Videos and Mp3s (with Vocab Lists)

If you are looking for a free site that has Spanish videos, mp3s, and vocab lists for free, then The Spanish Blog is a great resource. The owner of the blog, Laura Garrido Eslava is a Spanish Language teacher from Spain. She even offers parts of her lessons for free on her site. Her videos and course materials (one lesson is a comparison of Spanish to English texts) are pretty comprehensive and written by a true expert. To view what Laura has to offer, click on the link below or view one of her many videos:


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List of Free Language Phrasebooks by Wikitravel

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Wikitravel has compiled free language phrasebooks put together by its users. Some of the phrasebooks are not complete, but if you are familiar with the language, you have the ability to add to the phrasebook (just like you would in any other wiki). These are great for traveling (or beginner’s course work) and learning how to pronounce the words in that language.

To see the list of phrasebooks, click on the link below:



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