Bye-bye, iGoogle; a moving tale

Alice and the Red Queen running, John Tenniel illustration to Alice in Wonderland, or Through the Looking Glass
Alice and the Red Queen running hand in hand — Illustration to the second chapter of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass by John Tenniel.

Rats. I know very well by by now that keeping pace with technology is like running with the Red Queen. In fact, I usually welcome new products and innovations with eagerness. But then, this unwelcome message showed up at the top of my iGoogle page, and struck at the foundation of my long-time (web) home like an eviction notice:

notice of iGoogle deprecation

Sigh. The Google service I use most, about to retire. Still, there’s 16 months remaining to find another service to replace iGoogle; this post talks about my first attempt to transition to something new.

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