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Lunch and Learn: William Howarth and Janet Temos – “Kindle on Fire”

video platform video management video solutionsvideo player Wednesday, February 8, 12:00 noon Frist Multipurpose Room B Kindle on Fire: Big Changes in the Book World William Howarth, Janet Temos With the release of a new Kindle Fire in November 2011, … Continue reading

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The Productive Scholar: Patents and Patent Searching from a Librarian’s Perspective

David Hollander, Law and Legal Studies Librarian at Princeton, and Willow Dressel, Assistant Librarian at Princeton’s Engineering and Furth Libraries, gave a talk on Wednesday, February 9th about the history of patents. . .
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Lunch & Learn: Blogs, lulz and tweets: Social media comes to Princeton with Shan Hilton and John Jameson

Why has the use of Facebook and other social networking sites exploded? Perhaps, suggest John Jameson and Shani Hilton of Princeton’s Office of Communications, because it is now possible to interact socially with very large numbers of people in ways … Continue reading

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Lunch & Learn: The Foundations and Future of Information Search with Andrea LaPaugh

Today, everyone Googles – in the U.S, about 12 billion times a month (including search engines that aren’t Google). Will our satisfaction with these tools increase or decrease as the Web and our expectations grow?
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The (Technical) Conscience of a Liberal with Paul Krugman

What does Paul Krugman have in common with Eric Maskin, Daniel Kahneman, John Nash, Sir W. Arthur Lewis, A Michael Spence, and Gary Becker? As of this Monday, they are all Princeton University faculty who have one won the Nobel … Continue reading

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