QuickStart Guide: File Management and Storage with WebSpace

webspace_logo.jpgWebSpace is Princeton University’s web-based system for file management, sharing, and storage. Not only can you upload files to this site for storage, but you can also share files with other faculty members and students. Shared documents can be viewed, modified, and distributed via WebSpace. You have 5GB of space on WebSpace. To learn more about WebSpace, please click on the link below to access the QuickStart guide.

QuickStart Guide: File Management and Storage with WebSpace (PDF)

Screencast: How to Search the Princeton Catalog for Videos


This screencast (video tutorial) will show you how to browse the Princeton online catalog for videos we have available here at the HRC. It will show you how to search by author, title, call number, and keywords. It also discusses how to set more limits on your search so you can search for videos of a certain language, publication country, date, or library location. You can view the screencast below or click on the link to view a bigger version of the video. Contains audio.

How to Search the Princeton Catalog for Videos (817×494)

Princeton Online Catalog (search for videos at Princeton University’s libraries)

Microlectures in Distance and Online Learning

Imagine explaining a concept for your course in an online video that’s no longer than 60 seconds. Do you think that is enough time? A new trend for online learning called microlectures is doing just that. It’s a video that can be anywhere from a minute to three minutes that explains a concept for your course, just like a normal lecture, but in less time. This approach may seem weird a first, but according this article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed, it seems to be popular with students and is effective. To read more about microlectures, click on the link below:

These Lectures Are Gone in 60 Seconds