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Lunch & Learn: Dennis Hood – Groups in Blackboard

https://mediacentral.princeton.edu/id/1_w36rhstc Wednesday, April 25, 12:00 noon Frist Multipurpose Room B Get Your Group On Dennis Hood Making the Most of Blackboard’s Capabilities for Teaching and Managing Sections This presentation explores the various ways groups in Blackboard sites can be created … Continue reading

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Screencast: Finding and using images with non-restrictive licensing.

This screencast will show you how to find free images on the web that are okay to use under Creative Commons licensing. We’ll explore what Creative Commons (CC) is, what each CC license means, how the image can be used … Continue reading

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Productive Scholar: John LeMasney on Using Inkscape

https://mediacentral.princeton.edu/id/1_48kltf39 Thursday, September 22, 12:00 noon Frist Multipurpose Room A Using Inkscape John LeMasney Inkscape is an open source drawing application used generally as a free alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Visual learners benefit greatly from the presence of illustrations of … Continue reading

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Lunch and Learn: John LeMasney on 365 Sketches

365 Sketches is a project in which I use free and open source software to do a single visual design every day. The project is currently in its second year of production, and was started as a way to force … Continue reading

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Multilingual Zotero (In Test Phase)

Zotero announced today that they will be releasing Multilingual Zotero. This software will allow scholars that working in multiple languages to correctly format multilingual data. It also deletes duplicates. To learn more or to download the Multilingual Zotero, click on … Continue reading

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