Experimenting With New Ways to Make Music

Princeton NJ — Pass by the basement rehearsal space in Woolworth on a Thursday afternoon and you may hear electronic raindrops, a fast-forward reading of Dr. Seuss or a deep moaning that seems to emanate from the bottom of the ocean. You may even hear something you recognize as music, like a rockabilly jazz melody.
It’s hard to predict just what the Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk for short) will play next, and that is exactly the point according to computer music mavericks Perry Cook and Dan Trueman, who assembled the orchestra as a freshman seminar this semester.
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Dr. Olga Troyanskaya

An interview with Dr. Olga Troyanskaya,
Assistant Professor of Computer Science,
Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics

professor olga troyanskayaMost people who use common bread yeast use it to bake crusty loaves of bread. Olga Troyanskaya is using bread yeast to help find a cure for cancer. That’s far from the only unusual thing about Olga Troyanskaya. In college she double majored in biology and computer science which led to her current work in bioinformatics, a subject about which she says “I didn’t even know what it was until sophomore year.” Her current quick definition of the subject is “any sort of application of innovative computer science, statistics, and mathematical techniques used to solve problems in biology – usually also based on lots of data.”

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Say What You Mean

Adding audio with the Wimba tools in
Blackboard can give your course a voice.

Many language courses at Princeton have known about the audio tool kit at their disposal within Blackboard – the voice tools provided by Wimba Horizon software. Any course in Blackboard may make use of the software that includes:

  • Voice announcements – simple announcements that are relevant to and contained within the particular Blackboard course.
  • Voice e-mail – enables a recorded message to be sent via e-mail. The recipient is sent a link which will open in any browser, providing the audio message.
  • Voice discussion boards – may be included in any course. Posts of up to ten minutes may be added by any participant based upon the instructor’s preferences.
  • Voice authoring – allows vocal messages to be recorded and played in a web page.
  • Voice direct – a real-time voice conferencing tool.

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Now Showing

Video course introductions increase interest and
help students in the course selection process.

How many times have you wondered what film to see when embarking on a night out? That choice has become a lot easier now that previews are almost always available online. Similarly, students are now able to view a number of Video Course Introductions (VCIs) as they make their course selections.

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