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Lunch & Learn: Computer Modeling of the Mind and Brain with Matthew Botvinick

Image of the human head with the brain. The ar...

Image of the human head with the brain. The arrow indicates the position of the hypothalamus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Matthew Botvinick represents an eye opening cup of java. Building on the foundations of cognitive psychology, Botvinick’s laboratory works at the intersection of neuroscience, psychology and computer science, seeking to clarify the computational and neural foundations of human behavior. They employ a diverse set of research tools, including functional neuroimaging (fMRI), behavioral techniques (reaction time, error, and decision analyses), and computational modeling (neural networks, reinforcement learning models, and belief nets), typically applying multiple techniques to a single problem.
They are leveraging these tools to investigate a range of specific research questions, spanning the topics of cognitive control, working memory, decision making, sequential action, and language processing. Current projects include the monitoring and control of cognitive processing, the control of sequential behavior, and the representation of sequential order in working memory.

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