Technology Spotlight Session: Wimba

Wimba 1.jpg

Wimba is used to enrich language learning programs. This audio tool can be used for instructors to create assignments that require students to post their recordings from within the Blackboard course site. Instructors can use this tool to verbally explain complex material and send voice comments on papers and assignments. Wimba can also be used to teach pronunciation, rhythm, stress and emphasis.

Click on the link below to get started using Wimba.
Wimba-Instructor Instructions.pdf

QuickStart Guide: Social Bookmarking

delicious_logo.gifThis QuickStart Guide will discuss the web 2.0 idea of social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is a way for internet users to save, store, organize, and share webpages  and internet resources with others. You can use meta data (tags, labels) to search through resources.The social bookmarking sites that are highlighted in this guide are Delicious, citeulike, and PennTags (there are plenty of others out there to use). To learn more about social bookmarking, click on the link below to view the QuickStart guide:

QuickStart Guide: Social Bookmarking (PDF)

QuickStart Guide: Annotation on the Web with co-ment

co-ment_logo.jpgco-ment is a web service that allows for you to write or upload text to the site, allow others to comment on the text, then the users can review the comments and edit the text according to the feedback. It is great for collaboration among users. It runs from your web browser and is free. To get started with co-ment, click on the link below to view our QuickStart Guide for co-ment.

QuickStart Guide: Annotation on the Web with co-ment (PDF)



Audacity is a freely-available program for audio recording.  Follow the
link below for instructions on downloading and using this software. The
software is also available on all computers in the HRC.

AUDACITY Instructions.pdf