AudioPal- An Easy Way to Record a Minute of Audio

audiopal_logo.pngLooking to record a short greeting for your webpage or blog? Don’t really have the time to learn an audio program? Want a simple way to record your audio, either through phone, typing, microphone, or uploading an audio file? You can through AudioPal. This is a free service that is web based. All you need to do is have a microphone, a phone, or a keyboard available. You can type in a  message and a voice will speak what you typed. It does get some of the words wrong. I recorded my voice with a microphone and it came out great. You can also call a number if you do not have a mic and record your message. You will them receive an email within second with a link to the player and the embed code. You can also share the little audio player on popular social network sites like Facebook. The downside is that you can only record a minute of audio. If you want to check out this free service (and no need to sign up for an account), click on the link below: