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GradeGuru: A Place Where Students Share Their Notes

garde_guru_logo.pngGradeGuru is a website where students can upload notes that they created to share with other students. Students are encouraged to share notes by a promise that they will be paid (via Paypay or other forms)  for the materials they upload to GradeGuru. Besides the point that you can get paid, I think it’s a great site where students share what helped them in a class. The one thing I am fuzzy on is once it’s uploaded, does GradeGuru own the copyright to your work ( I would read the TOS before uploading)? The site is also using TurnItIn to detect plagiarism. I think it’s a great concept and a great resource for students to find supplemental notes to help them through a course. There are many subjects posted on the site. To learn more, click on the link below:


World Digital Library: Your Portal to Digitial Cultural Artifacts and More

world_dig_lib_logo.pngToday I discovered the World Digital Library. The mission of this site is to create a centralized place where you can access digital items and artifacts from different times, cultures, and parts of the world and to raise awareness and understanding across cultures. Some of the items that you can view are maps, stories, images, rare books, music, films, recordings, prints, and photographs. You can view the site in several different languages, like Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, and Russia. When you click on an item, you get a brief description of it, when it was created, the creator (and/or who financed the item, like a painting), the place, topics, and other related items. It’s a great knowledge of wealth to use in the classroom, personal studies, or personal interest. To learn more, you can visit the site by clicking on the link below:


Print Books from Wikipedia Content: PediaPress

pedia_press_logo.jpgDid you ever want to have a hard bound copy of the current data that is on Wikipedia for reference and archival purposes? PediaPress is a paid service that allows you to collect Wikipedia articles and entries and will print and bind them into a book. They are also offering the service in German (with more languages to come in the near future). This is a great tool if you teach in the languages or humanities (think of all the data, from culture to history, you can put into a book). You can choose long entries or short entires (short entries would be great if you would like it as a reference book). You also support the WikiMedia foundation when you create a book. To see the price and cost of printing, you can visit their website (linked below).

PediaPress: http://pediapress.com/