Find Video Lectures and Topics in Lecture with a Search Engine

talkminer_logo.pngHave you ever wanted to find lectures of certain topics by using a search engine or site? Did you ever want to search for a video based off of the site that is hosting it, or if it has slides? Did you ever want to just view the one part of a lecture that contains the keywords you are looking for? TalkMiner is the search engine for you. To check out lectures in depth and to watch only the part that deals with the keywords you are looking for, click on the link below and give it a try:

Find Online Videos at One Site allows for you to search for videos based off of title, subject, or type of video (movie, tv, online series, etc). It has been dubbed the" TV Guide of Internet Video" . What’s nice about this site is that it gives you links to all other sites where the videos are hosted. You can create a playlist or share the video links with Twitter, Facebook, Digg, or StumbleUpon. There’s also a section for videos tagged for education. The site is free and you do not need an account to use it to search. To learn more or to start using the site, click on the link below:

Google Lab’s ImageSwirl: Search for Images in a Different Way

google_imageswirl.pngI just recently tried out Google Lab’s ImageSwirl. What’s great about the service is that it relates a photo to other photos in the search in a diagram format (kind of looks like a mind mapping of the image). If you like your data broken down in a visual format, this image search tool is for you. Below is a snapshot of an image search for Princeton University. I clicked on the one images of the snow covered building and based off of similar tags, it gave me images related to that one and others related to Princeton U.


To check out the service, click on the link below:

Google Voice Search Can Now Understand Chinese

Google Search by voice function (part of the Google Mobile app) is available on certain phones and now you can search in Mandarin Chinese. What’s also nice is that only is this app usable in another language other than English, but is also gives you search results that are local and are in your surrounding location. To learn more about this feature, please visit Google’s blog here: