A Global Community Site for Education is a new social networking sight where students, educators, subject enthusiasts, and parents can all meet up to contribute to help each other with homework problems. It’s a place where you can ask questions (mostly right now on mathematical based problems, hopefully the Humanities will be added soon), and others will give you feedback and some tips. It’s great if you need a study group but can only meet online or would like some additional help and in sight on a topic. also provides resources like textbook solutions, topic notes, sample problems, practice exams, all created by To learn more about, click on the link below:

Yodio: Creating Audio (via Your Phone) with a Photo SlideShow

yodio_logo.jpgYodio is a web service that allows for you to record audio (either through a mic on your computer or by calling a number to record a message). You can then use Yodio to upload images that can make a slideshow for your audio. You can share the yodio by either email or you can embed it into a web site. You can get a free account by signing up at Yodio or you can create yodios to sell by upgrading your membership. There is no limit to how many yodios you can create, but there is a limit on space for the free account. To check out more about Yodio, click on the link below:

Livemocha: World’s Largest Language Learning Commmunity


Livemocha is a free website where you can learn different languages, practice what you learn (writing exercises), get feedback on your work, and find foreign language partners from around the world. You will have to sign up for an account. Some people have compared it to Rosetta Stone, but you have a community to connect to. Livemocha is self described as a social language learning site. There’s also a sample of Livemocha (under Livemocha Challenge) if you would like to preview it without signing up.


QuickStart Guide: Social Bookmarking

delicious_logo.gifThis QuickStart Guide will discuss the web 2.0 idea of social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is a way for internet users to save, store, organize, and share webpages  and internet resources with others. You can use meta data (tags, labels) to search through resources.The social bookmarking sites that are highlighted in this guide are Delicious, citeulike, and PennTags (there are plenty of others out there to use). To learn more about social bookmarking, click on the link below to view the QuickStart guide:

QuickStart Guide: Social Bookmarking (PDF)