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Palm Beach County’s Wiki on Their iPad Pilot Project

Palm Beach County’s School District is starting their iPad Pilot Project this month and they have set up a wiki to share their results. The pilot covers elementary, middle, and high schools in the county. They also cover the apps they will be using on the iPads.It is nice to see how different age groups will respond to the iPad in their education. To follow the progress of the pilot, click on the link below:


Cramster.com: A Global Community Site for Education

cramster_logp.jpgCramster.com is a new social networking sight where students, educators, subject enthusiasts, and parents can all meet up to contribute to help each other with homework problems. It’s a place where you can ask questions (mostly right now on mathematical based problems, hopefully the Humanities will be added soon), and others will give you feedback and some tips. It’s great if you need a study group but can only meet online or would like some additional help and in sight on a topic. Cramster.com also provides resources like textbook solutions, topic notes, sample problems, practice exams, all created by Cramster.com. To learn more about cramster.com, click on the link below: