Lunch & Learn: AllPrinceton: The Hyperlocal Media Experiment

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At the Lunch ‘n Learn session on Wednesday, March 9th, 2011, Donna Liu explained and demonstrated, a “hyperlocal multimedia experiment” of which she is the founder and Executive Director. AllPrinceton is not Liu’s first multimedia project. After she came to Princeton in 2002 as a Ferris Fellow in journalism, Liu founded the UChannel,  in collaboration with the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. Before Princeton, Liu had a long career as a news producer and manager with CNN, where she launched CNN’s first production center in Asia. She is an Emmy award winner for coverage of the Tienanmen protests in 1989. Liu opened her talk by describing the history and evolution of the project. Continue reading “Lunch & Learn: AllPrinceton: The Hyperlocal Media Experiment”

Blackboard at Princeton

Blackboard_Logo-wht.gifKen King of CUNY was the first to joke that it took three decades for the overhead projector to find its way from the bowling alley to the classroom. His point, true until recently, was that classrooms have been technological backwaters, defined more by chalk and slate than by silicon.
In August 2000, the Provost decreed that every Princeton course should have it own web site. Until then, faculty habitually distributed their syllabi and course information on the first day of the class. Students had to travel to the reserve reading room to obtain most of their course readings.
Today, all courses at Princeton rely upon the BlackBoard CMS (Course Management system). For the students, the change is a welcome relief. Apart from the fact that they can’t now misplace their copy of the syllabus, Blackboard is a central repository for and integral component of every course. Students can read their course materials online, take part in online discussions, download a fresh syllabus, submit their work, and even take a quiz.

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Training to Go

Office Visit Program expands to include Almagest, PowerPoint.

As many of you already know, through our Office Visit Program you can request that a graduate student consultant in instructional technology come to your office and help you set up your Blackboard courses. During these visits, consultants show you how to start tailoring Blackboard to your specific classes, your department, your teaching or administrative style – and your computer.

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