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Mobile App That Translates Text in Photos

Google is giving a preview of a prototype of their software called Google Goggles. Goggles is an Android visual search application that  translates text in a photo into another language. A person with an Android device can use the app to take a photo and then the app runs an OCR  (Optical Character Recognition) process on the words and then translates them into another language. So far, Google has not set a release date for the app. To learn more about Google Goggles, click on the link below (from a Mashable article) or you can view the video:

Mashable Article on Google Goggles


Web Browser Chrome: Google Translate Extension

The web browser Chrome (by Google) now has the ability to add extensions to your browser. The one extension I recently installed on my Chrome browser was Google Translate. The great thing about this extension is that it allows you to translate a whole page into another language. It’s not a 100% perfect, but it’s a great way to learn a language by using everyday media and materials you use and read on the internet (and you can switch back to the original language). Another useful feature is that you can hover over the translated text and see the original text in yellow (without having to switch back, you can compare the texts).  I had to restart my Chrome to get the extension to work. It has 52 languages to choose from (for now).To learn more about this Chrome extension, click on the link below:


Free Tool To Translate Your Pages on Facebook

A free tool called Translation for Facebook Connect will help webmasters and site owners use the general population’s knowledge of language to translate their sites in languages supported by Facebook. This is great because your Facebook page can reach larger audiences and somebody can read your site in their native language. To read more about the tool, click on the link below (an article by Mashable):