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Portuguese-Flashcard.com is a great site to help you improve your vocabulary in Portuguese. It is free and it has features like a multiple choice test, audio to hear how the word is pronounced, and it has a sentence of the day feature that emails a sentence to you. It also has an integrated dictionary, so you can look up the meaning of words by copying and pasting. You can also use the Loop feature to concentration on a few to 30 words. They will be repeated for as long as you designate (1 day, a month, etc.) This allows for you to not be overwhelmed by a new and long growing list of vocabulary. They also have other languages in this flashcard format like French, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, and Korean. All you need to do is sign up for a free account. To learn more, please visit the site below:


Free Spanish Tutor: Free iPhone/iPod Touch App from 24/7 Tutor


One of the top downloaded free app from Apple for the iPhone/iPod Touch is called Free Spanish Tutor by 24/7 Tutor (and Donald Stephenson). The application boasts of features such as:
  • Native Speaker audio for all words
  • Entertaining puzzle game
  • Write in quiz to test language recall
  • Manual and automatic flash card method
  • Self contained, network access not required
  • Multiple choice quiz

You can download the app at the iTunes store under App Store–> Education–> Free Spanish Tutor. I also found this posted at this website by Dan Colman there is a free Japanese app as well):