Language Learning iPhone App Displays Tweets of Vocab Words as Examples

byki_logo.pngByki is a company that has developed free iPhone apps to learn different languages. Like other language learning apps, this has a a flashcard component and audio to hear the phrases. But unlike some other apps, you can click on a button that will display tweets that use the vocab word you are reviewing. You get to see how that word is being used in a real context like Twitter. If you wold like to learn more about this free app, click on the link below:

How to Translate Your Tweets Into Another Language: Twinslator



Twinslator is a web site where you can go to translate a tweet into another language. The service will allow you to log in and you can tweet just the translated tweet or you can tweet it’s twin, both the original language tweet and the translated tweet. Since this service asks for your username and password, always be cautious of who you give this information to. This service uses the Google translator software. There are other services that translate tweets to, like TweetTrans and TweetTranslate. To check out Twinslator, click on the link below: