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Three Ways to Burn Subtitles into a Video (AVI) File

*Update: A professor  informed us that he uses Handbrake to burn in subtitles into his films (that are not in English). Handbrake now allows you to add an .srt file when ripping a DVD. So there are 4 ways to burn subtitles into a video. He said he does not use an AVI file when doing it through Handbrake (and he saves it as an mp4 file).


Back in June, I found a way to use ffmegX on a Mac to burn in
subtitles. I have discovered 2 more ways to burn in subtitles (1 way Mac
and 1 way in Windows). These are the few things that are important no
matter what method you use:

1. You must use or convert to an AVI file

2. The subtitle file (.srt) must be named the same exact name as the video file (AVI)

3. The video file and the subtitle (.srt) file should reside in the same folder.

I will link to the first method I discovered in June: https://blogs.princeton.edu/hrc/2010/06/how_to_burn_subtitles_into_a_video_file.html

The second method I used requires a Mac that has Toast Titanium. You will then have to download a free program called Perian: http://www.perian.org/ (make sure you have the latest version of both programs. Continue reading

LanguageTube.org: Language Learning with YouTube Videos

languageTube_logo.pngLanguageTube.org is a blog that has a collection of YouTube videos posted on different language lessons that you can watch. The languages that are currently on there are Chinese, French, German, Korean, Russian and Thai languages. You can check out the videos by clicking on the link below: