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The Productive Scholar: Introduction to OpenScholar@Princeton

Topic: Introduction to OpenScholar @ Princeton
Speaker: Angel Brady, Educational Technologist, Humanities Resource Center, OIT

Angel Brady, Educational Technologist at the Humanities Resource Center, OIT, provided us with a guided tour of OpenScholar@Princeton, providing some background on the service and highlighting a number its capabilities.

Once upon a time, let’s say 2009, in a land not too far away, let’s call it Cambridge (Massachusetts, not England), members of Harvard University’s Institute of Quantitative Social Science created a service upon which they bestowed the name OpenScholar with the idea of changing how personal academic websites “are created, used, and managed.” According to its developers, the design of OpenScholar reflects the assumption “that scholars need modern, highly dynamic, full-featured websites, which can be created easily and managed with absolutely no technical skills, or special software.” (Scholars Web Sites Project Overview, 2010). For many of the scholars at the eleven institutions that have adopted it to date, it offers an accessible solution to the challenges of creating a professional online presence. For those seeking an relatively easy interface that affords a dynamic reflection of varied career, academic service, and individual and collaborative research pursuits, Open Scholar may be the answer. Continue reading

Tech Spotlights: Introduction to Blackboard 9

Here is the presentation that we gave on September 21st at 2:30-3pm in East Pyne 012. It gives a brief overview of the new Blackboard 9 and what’s new in its design.

Handout for presentation (PDF): The New Blackboard Quickstart Guide.pdf

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Tech Spotlights: What’s new in Blackboard 9?

Here is the presentation we gave at our Technology Spotlight Session on 5/13/2010. The topic was What’s New in Blackboard 9. Drag and drop features, My Places, Notification Dashboard, STATs training, and other topics were discussed.


The handout for this session is from the Lunch and Learn Session presented on 5/5/2010 by Dennis Hood: What’s New in Blackboard: By Dennis Hood, Lunch and Learn 5/5/2010 (PDF)

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