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The Productive Scholar: OpenScholar: Personal Websites for Scholars

Topic: OpenScholar: Personal Websites for ScholarsOpenScholar-Logo
Speakers: Angel Brady, Ben Johnston

Time: Thursday, October 9, 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Location: New Media Center (NMC), 130 Lewis Library, First Floor

Slides from this session are available here:

OpenScholar is a website building and content management tool available to faculty and graduate students for hosting professional profile sites. OpenScholar sites can contain biographies, CVs, course lists, publications, blog entries, and event listings. An owner of a site does not need to know code or web development tools to edit and use the site. A user only needs to a web browser to edit the site. OpenScholar is hosted by Web Development Services in Princeton’s Office of Information Technology.

To check out OpenScholar, and set up your account prior to the workshop, visit Princeton’s OpenScholar webpage.

Angel Brady is an Academic Systems Support and Training Specialist in Academic Technology Services in OIT. She provides support for Princeton’s Blackboard service, OpenScholar, and Princeton’s WordPress blogs. Previously, she was an Educational Technologist at the Humanities Resource Center at Princeton University. Prior to coming to Princeton, she was an Instructional Technologist and Training Specialist at Rider University. She earned her Master’s of Science in Biomedical Visualization from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Ben Johnston is currently Humanities Computing Specialist at Princeton University’s Center for Digital Humanities.  Ben has over fifteen years’ experience working with faculty to integrate technology into teaching, learning, and research at Princeton University’s Educational Technology Center in the Office of Information Technology, Bryn Mawr College, and Columbia University’s Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning. Ben holds a Masters degree in Instructional Technology and Media from Teachers College, Columbia University.

The Productive Scholar: Introduction to OpenScholar@Princeton

Topic: Introduction to OpenScholar @ Princeton
Speaker: Angel Brady, Educational Technologist, Humanities Resource Center, OIT

Angel Brady, Educational Technologist at the Humanities Resource Center, OIT, provided us with a guided tour of OpenScholar@Princeton, providing some background on the service and highlighting a number its capabilities.

Once upon a time, let’s say 2009, in a land not too far away, let’s call it Cambridge (Massachusetts, not England), members of Harvard University’s Institute of Quantitative Social Science created a service upon which they bestowed the name OpenScholar with the idea of changing how personal academic websites “are created, used, and managed.” According to its developers, the design of OpenScholar reflects the assumption “that scholars need modern, highly dynamic, full-featured websites, which can be created easily and managed with absolutely no technical skills, or special software.” (Scholars Web Sites Project Overview, 2010). For many of the scholars at the eleven institutions that have adopted it to date, it offers an accessible solution to the challenges of creating a professional online presence. For those seeking an relatively easy interface that affords a dynamic reflection of varied career, academic service, and individual and collaborative research pursuits, Open Scholar may be the answer. Continue reading

Productive Scholar: OpenScholar-Personal Websites for Scholars

openscholar-logoIn this Productive Scholar Session, Angel Brady of the Educational Technologies Center, presented OpenScholar, an OIT-supported web page creation service that allows for faculty and graduate students to create personal, professional academic sites.  OpenScholar can host personal CVs, current publications and information about past and current research. The OpenScholar system is very easy to use and is focused on the types of information presented on academic profile websites. Continue reading

Newspaper Map

The site is newspapermap.com and the name pretty much tells you what this website does.  The map at newspapapermap.com locates major and not so major newspapers of the world and provides links to these newspapers online.  A very nice feature of the site is tthat the markers are color coded according to the language in which the newspaper is written, for the top 8 spoken languages, providing an interesting linguistic map of the world.

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Lunch & Learn: Managing Content on the Princeton Web with Henry Umansky

English: Computer-globe

English: Computer-globe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During the past decade, Princeton’s web site has grown from a relatively simple tool supporting producers and consumers of information about the institution, its programs, and its people to what is today a complex, mission-critical appliance for teaching, research, administration, and collaboration.

Such complex web sites publish and sustain every day vast amounts of time sensitive information. To manage the mountain of content, Princeton has turned to Content Management Systems that offer an integrated set of powerful features for creating, storing, versioning, and publishing everything from news articles and brochures though audio, video, and images.

Continue reading