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Tech Spotlights: Wimba

Wimba 1.jpg

Wimba is used to enrich language learning programs. This audio tool can be used for instructors to create assignments that require students to post their recordings from within the Blackboard course site. Instructors can use this tool to verbally explain complex material and send voice comments on papers and assignments. Wimba can also be used to teach pronunciation, rhythm, stress and emphasis.

Click on the link below to get started using Wimba.
Wimba-Instructor Instructions.pdf

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Technology Spotlights: Voiceboards/Wimba in Blackboard

Image representing Wimba as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Here’s the slideshow presentation from our Technology Spotlight Series on 3/30/2010. The topic was Setting Up Voiceboards/Wimba in Blackboard.

Here’s the link to the handouts for this topic:

Setting Up Voiceboards/Wimba in Blackboard for Instructors (PDF)


Screencast: Student View of How to Use VoiceBoards/ Wimba in Blackboard

Wimba 1.jpgIn this screencast, you will see how a student can record and reply to a VoiceBoard/ Wimba message in Blackboard. It will walk through the process of accessing the VoiceBoards, how to listen to a VoiceBoard message, and how to record and reply. This screencast contains audio. To view the screencast, you can click play below, or you can click on the link to view a larger version of the screencast.
Student View of How to Use VoiceBoards/ Wimba in Blackboard (1000 x 600)