Shock and Loss

November 29, 2012: Samson Young, on his Electric Counterpoint,
commissioned by the Hong Kong Sinfonietta:

“I asked, ‘Can I use live electronics?’
And they said, ‘Yes.’
I asked, ‘and a click track?’
They said, ‘Yes.’
‘Game boy sounds?’
‘And I can wear an orange jumpsuit onstage?’

I was very disappointed . . . that I was unable to shock.”



I Am Thinking

Dear Dr. Young:

My name is Charlotte Jacobs, Professor of Meta-Musicology.  I am musing in an office here at the University of Unanswerability about how to analyze your very compelling work I am thinking in a room, different from the one you are hearing in now (Homage to Alvin Lucier).   I would love, with your permission, to include a passage on it in my forthcoming book, Authentic Avatars: True Falsehoods: Successful Failures: Dominant Submissives: Roaring Silences, in the chapter entitled “Australian Male Composers of Asian Descent Tickle Teletubbies in Transgression.”

Do you have any preferences regarding the best analytical approach(es) to your work?  For example, do you prefer close reading or meta-cultural narratives? I would very much appreciate hearing from you if and as time allows.

Prof. Charlotte Jacobs