Probability in high dimension

The Barcelona events have just ended, and I’m happy to report that everything went very smoothly. In my opinion the quality of the works presented at COLT and at the Foundations of Learning Theory workshop were truly outstanding. I hope to blog about the results that I found the most exciting next week.

The point of this post is to advertise the lecture notes of my friend (and colleague) Ramon van Handel. These notes cover all the basics of modern high dimensional probability. Acquaintance with this material is extremely useful in all the fields that I’m interested in (machine learning, statistics, optimization, and theoretical computer science). It is the first time that I see this material presented in such a cohesive manner, and it is an excellent companion to the book of Boucheron, Lugosi and Massart. Last but not least Ramon is an amazing mathematical writer (for instance if you want to learn about filtering I highly recommend his lecture notes on Hidden Markov Models).

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