Algorithms, Machine Learning, and Optimization: we are hiring!

As some of you already know there has been some movement at MSR lately, specifically for the theory group. We have now branched out into two groups, one in Machine Learning and Optimization -MLO- (with Zeyuan Allen-Zhu, myself, Ofer Dekel, Yuval Peres, Ilya Razenshteyn, Lin Xiao, and until recently postdoc Yin Tat Lee) and one in Algorithms (Nikhil Devanur, Sergey Yekhanin, postdocs Janardhan Kulkarni and Xiaorui Sun). The MLO group is part of the new MSR AI organization headed by Eric Horvitz, with grand goals at all levels of AIs (including a broad view of the foundations of AI which very much includes the type of mathematics showcased on this blog). Both groups are now hiring at all levels. From my point of view MSR is a unique place where you can devote all your time and energy to your research. The growth opportunities are truly amazing here: constant stream of world-class experts in algorithms, optimization, probability; lots of resources for travel, interns, postodcs; closeness to real-world products and possibilities to see your research directly applied. Below is the official call for application of the MLO group (the Algorithms’ one is here). Looking forward to receive your application!

Call for applications for researcher and postdoc positions in Machine Learning and Optimization

Application deadline: December 1st, 2017

The Machine Learning and Optimization Group at Microsoft Research Redmond invites applications for researcher positions at all levels (postdoc, full-time junior, full-time senior). The current full-time research members are Zeyuan Allen-Zhu, Sebastien Bubeck, Ofer Dekel, Yuval Peres, Ilya Razenshteyn, and Lin Xiao.

All applicants working on machine learning and optimization, including their algorithmic and mathematical foundations, will be considered. We expect candidates to have demonstrated excellence in research and have developed their own original research agenda. Our current areas of focus include statistical and online learning, convex and non-convex optimization, high dimensional data analysis, combinatorial optimization and its applications in AI, statistics, and probability. We are also looking to expand our domain of expertise to other areas of modern machine learning, including more applied research areas.

Microsoft Research offers wonderful resources to develop your research, opportunities for collaborations across all MSR labs and top academic institutions, and the potential to realize your ideas in products and services used worldwide. Our group is part of Microsoft Research AI, a new organization that brings together the breadth of talent across Microsoft Research to pursue game-changing advances in artificial intelligence.

Please apply directly on the Microsoft Research Careers website and include Ofer Dekel as a Microsoft Research contact. In addition, send a copy of your application to To be assured full consideration, all your materials, including at least two reference letters, should arrive by December 1st, 2017. We recommend including a brief academic research statement and links to publications.

Microsoft is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome applications from all qualified candidates, and in particular from women and underrepresented groups.

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