Marta Tienda on “Diversity on Campus: Practices, Policies and Culture”


On December 13, 2012, Princeton hosted the conference “Diversity on Campus: Practices, Policies and Culture.” The purpose of the conference was to assemble leading scholars and academic administrators to exchange views about successful strategies for achieving diversity goals in higher education.  Princeton President Shirley M. Tilghman and Provost Christopher Eisgruber each moderated panels.  Among the questions considered were: 

How can institutions maximize the educational benefits of diversity? How can institutions foster environments in which diverse populations–faculty, students, and staff–can flourish and how can institutional leadership facilitate these goals?

Professor Tienda participated in session 2; a panel discusion about creating a diverse campus. Videos of the panels can be seen here.

For a full description of the event, please visit the article in the Princeton Weekly Bulletin.

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