Student Banned from the Internet

I’d like to find more information about this story from the Chronicle: College Student Banned from Internet.
A University of Connecticut-Torrington student arrested for sending harassing emails to another student has been told by a judge to stay away from the other student and her friends, but also told to stay off the Internet. There’s a link through to a Connecticut paper, but it requires a subscription for details, and I’m not that curious. Still, I’d like to know if that Internet ban is for all use, or only non-academic use. How long is it for?
I wonder if the judge realizes what this means for a college student. Can a college student even do the required work anymore without access to the Internet? That would mean no access to the university’s WebCT system, the library catalog, library online databases, any online readings or lectures, and most university information.
It’s hard to feel too much sympathy for a guy sending creepy emails, but this seems a bit harsh. The judge might have just ordered the student to drop out of college.