The People Have Spoken

The people have spoken, the results are in, and it turns out I’m both a loser and a winner in my RUSA elections. I did win my election to be the RUSA CODES Member-at-Large. Thanks RUSA CODES people! On the other hand, I got throughly stomped in my election for RUSA RSS Vice-Chair/ Chair-Elect, but thanks anyway to the people who voted for me. I’d like to congratulate my opponent on waging a clean, fair, and generous campaign, and express regret that I won’t be able to continue my fight to take RSS power away from the lobbyists and special interests and give it back to the people. Since this is the fourth year in a row I’ve lost an RSS election, I’m starting to think they don’t like me very much. I’m tempted to say, “You won’t have Bivens-Tatum to kick around anymore, because this is my last blog post!” (I hope you get that allusion.) The silliest thing about the whole situation is that I didn’t much want to run in the first place, wasn’t at all sure I wanted to win (LOTS of work), and yet I feel bad losing. Humans are such absurd creatures.