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I haven’t written much here lately, partly because of some personal business and the holidays and ALA, and partly because I’ve been writing other things. A couple of pieces have come out in the past couple weeks, if you’re curious.

Libraries in Pursuit of the Enlightenment, from the Library Journal Academic Newswire, discusses copyright reform and the possibilities of a national digital public library. It’s the sort of thing I would write here, but was asked to write for the Library Journal.

A review in portal: Libraries and the Academy of The Social Transcript: Uncovering Library Philosophy. (The link is to Project Muse.) The Social Transcript is an interesting, if somewhat flawed, book on library philosophy that’s worth dipping into. Also something I’d probably write here if I’d encountered the book on my own.

I also spent quite a bit of December writing an article for RUSQ on philosophy collection development, but I think that doesn’t come out until the late spring or summer.

And then there’s the book and all. So I haven’t been a total slacker. Just a blog-slacker.

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