The Two Cultures

March has been really busy with work and teaching and some family business, but I have done a bit of writing. Today, the Library Journal Academic Newswire published my first contribution to the newly reorganized Peer to Peer Review column. In addition to Barbara Fister, who has been writing great stuff in that column for a long time, the new column also includes Rick Anderson, Dorothea Salo, Kevin Smith, and me writing weekly in rotation. I was pleased to be asked, but I have to say that when I saw the list of strong contributors I felt uncharacteristically daunted for a moment. Here’s the first column: The Two Cultures.

3 thoughts on “The Two Cultures

  1. I felt pretty daunted too; the contributor list could easily be relabeled “Dorothea Salo’s Professional Heroes.”

    We’ll all survive, and be the stronger for it. 🙂

  2. Daunted schmaunted. You both have rescued me from “crap, it’s Wednesday night, what am I going to write about” hell, which now comes only once a month. Also, you’re both freakin brilliant. So glad you’re doing this.

  3. Barbara, I’ve been surprised by how you can keep up the pace for both the LJ column and your IHE blog. The problem now is that I can’t just point to one of your Peer to Peer columns and say, “what she said.” I have to come up with stuff on my own!

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