The Stupidity of White Supremacists

Before any of you white supremacists out there start to object, I want to preface this by saying that I have nothing against white people. I’m white. Some of my best friends are white. And while I don’t subscribe to the doctrine of white supremacy, I know for a fact that there are a lot of white people out there who are quite articulate. Nevertheless, I can’t help but think you have to be pretty stupid to be a white supremacist.

I heard an interview on NPR with Pete Simi, author of American Swastika: Inside the White Power Movement’s Hidden Spaces of Hate, about Wade Page, the Sikh temple gunman. Simi had interviewed Page before, and noted that one of Page’s formative influences was his time in the American military. Page told Simi that if you entered the military not a racist, you would still leave as one, and by “you” I assume he meant a white person who was probably pretty racist to begin with. Why? Because the American military treated black soldiers and white soldiers differently. Black soldiers, for example, were promoted over more deserving white soldiers and they weren’t disciplined for offenses like white soldiers were.

First, I doubt that’s true at all. None of my friends in the military have ever mentioned it, and given racial politics in this country I find it very hard to believe that black soldiers are coddled in the military, except by possibly treating them more equally than society in general (which itself would be a crime from the racist’s perspective). I suspect this belief is the result of selective evidence and confirmation bias. If you are a white supremacist, you believe that black soldiers don’t deserve promotion. Thus, if they get promoted, then it must be because the military is biased towards the black soldiers. Given the shaky psychology of many white supremacists and, as Simi noted, their drinking problems and inability to hold jobs, I would think it’s much more likely that black soldiers would be promoted above them, which would just make them angrier at the unjustness of a system that prefers competence over skin color.

But even it was true that the American military was biased toward black soldiers and against white soldiers, wouldn’t the obvious target of hatred be not the black soldiers, but the military leadership? The black soldiers benefiting from their preferential treatment are no more individually to blame for their success than white Americans who have benefited from their preferential treatment in American society. And unlike the subtle racism that benefits white people in America, this racial injustice would be caused by an identifiable group of people.  So even if it were true, it would seem a logical place to vent your hatred through assault would be a military base or the Pentagon rather than a temple. On the other hand, people attending worship services are less likely to carry M-16s than soldiers on a military base.

In my experience growing up in the deep south, the sort of people who espouse white supremacy or aggressive racism are always unachieving white people. Though a subtle racism is pervasive though all classes (or at least was when I was growing up) the most outspoken white racists I have met were always unsuccessful by any measure. Successful white people may owe some of their success to being white, just because being white in America makes many things easier for you, but they’re unlikely to attribute any of their success to being white. Quite the contrary, most white people are content to believe that their skin color gives them no advantages whatsoever. However, just being white isn’t enough to get by, even in America, a lesson lost on the white supremacists. If you’re white and still one of life’s losers, I guess it makes some twisted sense to demonize a group of people and stew in your illogical fantasies, but it’s still pretty stupid.

The stupidity is present even in the reviews of Simi’s book on Amazon . All the reviews are 4 or 5 stars except for this absurd review giving one star:

I’ll be anxiously awaiting your next books on the Black Power movement aka Black Panthers, the Muslim Brotherhood movement and the Hispanic Reconquista movement that claims the Unites States stole the southwest from Mexico. These groups have their own “spaces of hate” so let’s see some reporting on them as well. In fact, these movements are a bigger threat to white Americans than the any “white power” movements are for people of color. Case in point – when was the last KKK lynching? Ah yes.. the 60’s… But almost DAILY we see Black on white hate crimes that get BURIED by the mainstream press. Tsk Tsk – your bias is showing..

Well, someone’s bias is certainly showing. I’ve noticed on Amazon that oftentimes the worst “reviews” have absolutely nothing to do with the product. Products get one star because the shipping was slow or it wasn’t what the buyer wanted in the first place. This review doesn’t even have anything to do with the book and seems to be by some sort of racist who wants to avoid the painful fact that sometimes white people do stupid and awful stuff. The rhetorical move is what I call the “But what about….” Simi has written an extensively researched book on the white power movement. The racist ignores it and says, “but what about other races doing bad things,” as if there were no other books in the entire world about whatever other topics he was interested in. The “anxiously awaiting” comment is particularly pathetic, because it’s pretty clear the reviewer doesn’t read books.

Seriously, if you take a look at the person’s other reviews on Amazon, only two are about books, the review of Simi’s unread book and another review about a book on multiculturalism and education that just rants about how bad it is that people from other cultures are ruining our “cultural fabric,” and I’m betting that fabric is white. Again, another stupid review about a book most likely unread. I guess that’s part of the stupidity of racism or any sort of ingrained hate. It blinds a person to everything but their obsession.

Well, not everything. The reviewer thinks a $350 bidet toilet seat is the “best invention ever,” and not just because it’s white (which it is).

I love this toilet seat – it installed very easily (make sure you have an outlet near your toilet however). I love the warm toilet seat – never knew what I was missing! The wash and bidet features are perfect and I am sure I will use 1/10th the toilet paper now. I just use the OVER-PRICED toilet paper now to dab dry versus trying to use it to do the entire job. I predict I will be saving money on buying TOO MUCH TOILET PAPER from this one purchase and it will pay for itself within the year.

It’s not just people from other cultures and races that ruin our cultural fabric. Apparently there’s some sort of conspiracy by toilet paper manufacturers, who sell that “OVER-PRICED” toilet paper (those toilet paper factories are probably run by foreigners or brown people). What does expensive toilet paper cost, like a buck a roll or something? If using 1/10 the toilet paper will pay for itself in a year, then the racist reviewer must use something like a roll of toilet paper a day. Then again, I guess if you’re that full of shit you need a lot of toilet paper.

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  2. Create a new confederacy. The old failed. the union won’t be completely disassembled. What does white supremacism help you achieve? Going back to the 1650s and 1860s? The secrete that has always been kept away from most whites is that all whites are albinos. Just a well blended culture of albinos. This is what you want to keep besides feeble-mindedness and everlasting????natural-born whole self-bleach!!!!!
    compare white supremacism to Nazism., these are absulutely mostly the same in the intensity of their nature.

  3. A fascinating perspective and brave, I must add. Speaking as a Black person, for identification purposes, I am heartened to read such a willingness to examine the intricacies of white pathology by a white person, himself.

    However? Sadly, you have made the subtle error of minimizing the greatest source of the oppression of Black and Brown Peoples on this Earth. You have amplified the obvious pathetic rationale of uneducated or dysfunctional white people versus those who conduct their affairs in ways that superficially appear as harming no one. No. A sad no.

    It is the very act of not thinking about the Caucasians’ impact on 85% of the world’s population, despite reaping generationally accumulated wealth as a direct result of world theft that has given them the attributes of a spoiled child, or the offspring of royalty, who without thought into the mechanisms of their kingdom, assume all they survey was meant to be theirs. When nothing could be further from the truth.

    And thus? A mindset of do whatever it takes to gain and maintain wealth, as could never be accomplished by the demographic you highlighted, has become the European and the European diaspora’s calling card. Look to the shambles of the medical profession, the continuous lies taught in public schools even beyond the mere dumbing down of the attendees – look to the coming and mildly present economic catastrophes, the corruption of every institutions so that today’s times will make the Dark Ages seem like the Dark Minutes, and then? Compare that all to the fact that no other peoples, except perhaps the Chinese, have experienced a Medieval Age.

    All that to say a sincere, ‘Thank You’ for your wonderful honesty, but? Look to yourself for your footsteps do not tread as softly as your conscious might wish to hear.

  4. Ajali, there was only so much I could cover in one blog post! Thanks for the enlightening comment, and I try to be aware that my footsteps do not tread lightly.

  5. What a great article! I applaud you sir.

    As someone of many races i thank you very much.

  6. Exactly my thoughts, but you have put it better; especially the point that it’s MOST white people who are like this not just those ‘outsider’ whites.

  7. Not all White Supremacists are stupid, except those who enroll into Nazis Gangs to kill blacks. White supremacy is backed up by powerful elite of politicians, religious leaders, artists and intellectuals. It’s part of the Western culture, politics, beliefs, social system. It’s everywhere consciously and unconsciously.

    It originates with the Phoenician (Greeks) civilization, more precisely with Alexander the Great and later revived during the Renaissance. This culture has transformed Christianity into something that many Christian symbols, and costumes have nothing to do with Christianity itself. It also had marginalized all races at exception of the white race into power through its psychology of white supremacy.

    • @GManon – no white supremacists really aren’t backed by the people you mention. They live under the delusion of being backed by political leaders and what not because their brains are too small to see the big picture. If anything white supremacists slit their own throats with their narrow minded inbred “superiority’.

      But government and otherwise that “support” is a prime example of reverse psychology.

      A white supremacist shoots up a black church, burns down a mosque. What’s the response of mainstream society? Most people view the white supremacist, and by extension many white people in that same region [a generic paint everyone with the same brush], as not fit for licking arse.

      It increases the sense of poor foreigners and other individuals by main stream society. Why do you think everyone calls racist nowadays? Because white supremacists made it possible with their utter pathetic stupidity.

  8. Yes, racism indeed is a very old thing. Is not that much about skin color and culture and religion as much as an ”us vs them” when people feel dedicated, they need a group to belong to and an enemy, or a target to push against. white supremacists feel superior to others claiming their skin color as a bargain that attributes all the (outstanding and great) doings of all people with their skin color to themselves. white supremacist even use personal bias and pseudo science to claim superiority and ethnic purity over ”others” And it seems that to them a white person can do no wrong, and if they do, it’s always justifiable. You would thin any person capable of critical thinking would see all the holes in the bucket of that flawed logic, or even back off and reconsider on all the history and genetics they claim to be so well informed and understanding of given their self proclaimed higher learning capacity. But, the ones who are not too young and Stupid to stop and think for a second, live in a completely secluded world of fantasy and make believe. All media is controlled by the evil Jews, the whole economics system and all politics are designed to wipe out the great white race and establish minority domination. They can only trust and consume the words and thoughts of their white supremacists peers, everything else is an attempt to brainwash them into del imposed and compliant slavery. They think they are participating in a militia, they believe they are some sort of army against everyone who is not white enough for them. It is just as sad as it is terrifying, because these people are so scared of their own failure as individuals and inability to live in society , That they closed cling into such a fervent hate of people who look and act different from them , at the same time as they resent the fact that these different people can be much.more successful than themselves and have the lives they wish they had for themselves, they consider themselves more worthy of better lives and success and it drives them to commit unspeakable acts against innocent people, be them white or otherwise. they are sad stories of shame, ignorance, misunderstanding, misplaced hate, longing for pride and a place in the world. They have nothing to pride themselves in, so they pride themselves in perceived physical, intellectual and cultural superiority. It’s Xenocentric ignorance mixed with anger and extreme aggression. A deadly, poisonous mix, and not exclusive to any group or person of any color or culture.

  9. White supremacists are often white guys named Billy Bob who collect Nazi memorabilia, and girls name Misty wearing dirty shorts, too much lip gloss, and swastika tramp stamps who only THINK they are white — and then condemn people like me who really are of German or so-called “Aryan” background of NOT being white because they don’t even know what a wide range of looks Germans can have. These are deluded narcissists who most likely have native American or even black heritage and then rail against everyone else for not being “pure” enough. They have a need to feel powerful and special. They are simply narcissists.

    • I seem to see a mixed message here. You seem to buy into your German heritage as being some kind of pure-bred genetic ideal. Forgive me if I’m wrong about that. However, Benjamin Franklin and other founding fathers did not think the Germans were even “white people”. Check the history out on that, it is a fact. So, there are many white people in America today who would not have even been considered “white” when the country was getting it start.

  10. whites are derived from albinism (OCA2), this is a fact. If having albinism and being albinos make you great, I don’t know what to say.

  11. White supremacists are pretty stupid. A number of them are borderline retard or outright retard actually, thanks to their paranoia of “inferior races” and breeding among themselves, which is both the comical and the pathetic thing about them.

    I frequent a few “supremacist” forums every so often if for no other reason amusement value and well it is pretty obvious most of them haven’t lived outside the small towns their great-great-great-great-great grandpappy was born in. There’s one “german” based forum and it is rather comical how they take anyone with a smidge of Germanic heritage … even north Americans & Brits despite the fact anyone with a brain bigger than a thimbleful of marbles knows that it isn’t that simple in a country like America & England to be “pure” Germanic…. and yet when a guy of POTENTIAL Slavic DNA in an otherwise east-german background shows up they tear him to ribbons. Pathetic.

    Most have very limited world views, very limited knowledge, and as such are all and all inferior. Not just that but given the habitual narrow minded whimpering against feminist ideas / women rights as well as their convoluted ideas of what qualifies as rape most lack severely in the pants department too. So much for their “superiority”.

    Here’s one example – one genius on the german supremacist forum said sterilize all immigrants. All immigrants mind you not “non-white” immigrants. Guess his limited pea-sized brain didn’t quite realize that means whites immigrants too and worst for his little live-in-a-bubble concept Germanic immigrants too.

    I mean everyone knows dogs right & what inbreeding has done to some breeds. There was another “genius” on a forum that was going on about how all inbreeding does is make you look alike. I pretty much chewed the idiot up and sh*t him out. The sad part is, is none of the little darlings have dared to rebuke what I said because you can’t deny truth.

  12. I think that white supremacist people are not well in their brain. They should be assigned to a psychologist for treatment. How they expect their doctrine to succeed in 21st century while they missed the opportunity in 18 0r 19 century when colored people had zero power unless their goal is to set the world on fire

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