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David Hochman, undergraduate student, class of 1978

Lured in by the course guide, just as Tony Grafton describes elsewhere on this page, I found myself entranced by Mike’s survey course on the scientific world view of the middle ages and antiquity, and I ended up one of three undergraduate students of my year in the history track of the old HPS program. It was an intimate and electrifying experience. As I found myself reminiscing a few years ago for my class’s 25th-reunion book, “a clear high point was studying the history of early modern mathematics side-by-side with the program’s exceptionally talented graduate students, in a 500-level course taught by Prof. Mike Mahoney.” I’m now really glad I sent that tribute to Mike at the time. His response was gracious, of course. So many of us are saddened that future undergraduates who ought to have known him will never do so except indirectly through our own histories.

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