2 thoughts on “John Wilmerding

  1. Patricia Fortini Brown

    It was such a privilege to have John as a colleague. His wry sense of humor and generous spirit were appreciated by students and faculty alike. To the students he was a rock star, and his surveys on American art were filled to overflowing. I should note that John Wilmerding co-chaired the department with John Pinto, with each complementing the other’s strengths. Following the two Johns as department chair was a daunting prospect, but thanks to them I inherited a well running department. Those were good days.

  2. Mark Sheft ('90)

    I took Professor Wilmerding’s American Art course as a second semester senior in the Spring of 1990. And pass/fail, no less, as it was outside my major course of study and I was focused that semester largely on completing my senior thesis. Nearly 35 years on, Professor Wilmerding, and that course, remain among the most vividly memorable and outstanding parts of my Princeton academic experience. His lectures were so captivating that I brought my parents and future in-laws once to enjoy the presentation. When I introduced them to Professor Wilmerding afterwards, he was ever-gracious and generous. What a wonderful and accomplished teacher, scholar, curator, collector, and person he was!

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