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Sorat Tungkasiri: Internet Child Safety at Home

The increasingly "online" lifestyle of children today can cause new and sometimes unforeseen issues for parents. Kids today are in chat rooms, on social networks, writing and sharing information on microblogging sites like Tumblr, doing online gaming, texting friends, and even sometimes doing their homework online. This presentation is designed for parents with children who have access to the Internet to better understand the current dangers that exist in the world today.

Wireless: Revolution and Evolution

Wireless communications is among our most advanced, and rapidly advancing, technologies, he notes. New wireless applications and services emerge on an almost daily basis…

Electronic Voting: Danger and Opportunity

In the wake of the 2000 Florida recount debacle, many states turned to computer voting machines to increase election accuracy and security. Many computer scientists have long been skeptical of such machines, but only...