Annual Report 2011: Major Activities in Accessioning of University Archives

As a continuation of our series on our 2011 Annual Report, please see a description of major activities in accessioning of University Archives:

In FY11, the University Archives accessioned 162 collections or items, a total 185.11 linear feet of records. Highlights include:
All accessions received in FY2011 have been formally accessioned, but description of University Archives accessions fell several months behind in 2011 due to staffing levels. We have developed a plan that will allow for the description of all 2011 University Archives accessions by fall 2011.
Lynn Durgin also created a greatly expanded section on the Mudd website regarding transfers and donations to the University Archives including new inventory templates.
Stay tuned for further discussion of our 2011 work involving other technical services activities, digital projects, records management, collection development, exhibitions, and more.

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