#Princethen Announcement and Rules for Participation

With special thanks to Yankia Ned ’17 and Sophia Su ’17

Classes start today at Princeton. What better time to get to know the campus? Although we know Princetonians have a lot to do, we think they also benefit from a little fun, so we’re going to play a game next week. Please play along!

Here’s how it works:

Between September 23 and September 30, tweet a photo from around campus to us @MuddLibrary using the hashtag #Princethen. Make sure it’s your own photography—no cheating stealing stuff from the internet! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Feel free to take phone selfies if that’s your style. We will respond to all such tweets that we can with a photo of the same place from within our collections alongside your photo. Here are a handful of examples:


The simplest photos are just shots taken from around campus, like this one (on the left) by Yankia Ned ’17. We’ve responded here with a photo from ca. 1960 from the Historical Photograph Collection, Grounds and Buildings Series (AC111).


You can also work together. Here, Sophia Su ’17 took a photo of Yankia Ned ’17 outside Nassau Hall. (Make sure if you do this everybody is in on the game!) We’ve put it together with Woodrow Wilson (center in the left photo) at his 10th Princeton reunion in 1889. (Note that Wilson had a lion rather than a tiger to lean against, but it really is the same spot. The whole lion-tiger thing is a long story; you can read more about it in our previous blog post.) This one is from our Historical Photograph Collection, Campus Life Series (AC112).


Or feel free to take a selfie. Yankia Ned ’17 took this one in front of Oval with Points, a sculpture by Henry Moore. We found this photo of the piece being installed in 1971 in the Office of Communications Records (AC168).

Follow along on Twitter, and let the games begin!

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