New Accessions: April through June 2009

The following materials were accessioned April through June this year. As always, anyone interested in additional information about the new materials should contact the library through our general email account

Accessions Highlight: Whig Clio Records Accrual, circa 1850-1970s (AR.2009.049)

Among our recent accessions are several documents and publications from Princeton’s two original political, literary and debating societies, the Cliosophic Society (1770-1941), and the American Whig Society (1769-1941); as well as some material from the American Whig-Cliosophic Society (1942-present), which was created when the two societies merged.

One item– a letter written in 1870 from John Laird ‘1871 to the members of the American Whig Society– reveals the intense secrecy that enshrouded the two societies prior to their merger. Laird, a member of the Cliosophic Society, wrote to apologize to the Whigs for mistakenly entering Whig Hall rather than Clio Hall on a rainy November day.

He assures the Whigs that

“I saw nothing and could not now describe the appearance of your Hall even of the few feet I entered…I am exceedingly sorry that such a thing occurred and I assure you that not a word of information regarding the interior of even the few feet I entered shall be uttered by me.”

The full letter is pictured below.




For more information on these collections, see the finding aid for the Cliosophic Society Records, 1789-1941; the American Whig Society Records, 1802-1941; and the

American Whig-Cliosophic Society Records,1908-1992.

The following is a listing of all of the materials accessioned from April to June 2009.

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