Demography Volume 48

All four issues of Demography volume 48 (2011) are now published. As a data person, I am interested in the data the authors used for their research. Below is my attempt at summarizing what I have found out by reading the data section of all the articles — except five which did not directly rely on analyzing data (i.e. a correction, an acknowledgement, the index, et cetera).

Some of the data/project initials and short names are more familiar to the typical data user while others are less so. Click on the name to learn more about them. I am planning to follow up with all the data websites mentioned here for updates and new releases.

This list was generated by running a simple XQuery, which read three XML input files (articles.xml, articlesData.xml, and data.xml) and generated an HTML DIV element. The data names are linked to the most closely related website, and the authors are linked to the article itself via its DOI. The files are available for downloading here (a zip file).

Feel free to let me know if you find any errors of broken links. Thanks!

ACS Parrado Add Health Scharoun-Lee et al., Kusunoki and Upchurch BRFSS Bratter and Gorman CAPS Magruder CAS Swaroop and Krysan CE Zagheni CLHLS Wen and Gu CPS DeLeire et al., Parrado CPS Report Card Swaroop and Krysan Chilean Birth Certificates Torche China Statistical Yearbook Goodkind Chinese Census Ebenstein, Li et al. Chitwan Valley Family Study Bohra-Mishra and Massey DHS Bocquier et al., Case and Paxson, Magruder DTR van den Berg et al., Behrman et al. Demographic Yearbook Zheng et al. ELSA Ploubidis and Grundy, Delavande and Rohwedder ENADID Rendall et al.(1049-1058) ENOE Rendall et al.(1049-1058) Ethiopian Field Experiment Data Desai and Tarozzi FAOSTAT Lam Fragile Families Geller et al., Corman et al. GGS Perelli-Harris and Gerber GSS Wolfinger HMD Shkolnikov et al. HRS Delavande and Rohwedder IFLS Kuhn et al. INSEC Bohra-Mishra and Massey IPUMS-I Lam KIDS Cancian et al. Kenyan RHC Data Luke et al. Krygyzstan Data Guillot et al. LPR Behrman et al. Mexican Census Halpern-Manners Mozambican Survey Agadjanian et al. NCDB South et al. NELS:88 Stange NFHS Gaudin NHANES Johnston and Lee NHIS Fuller NIS Xie and Gough NLSY79 Barber and East, Dariotis et al., Brand and Davis, Vespa and Painter NNCS Swaroop and Krysan NSFG Parrado, Axinn et al., Magruder, Guzzo and Hayford NUJLSOA Takagi and Silverstein NVSS DeLeire et al. OECD.Stat Extracts Shkolnikov et al. PETS Stange PSID South et al., Grieger and Danziger PUMS Elo et al., Thomas Registry Database by Statistics Norway Kalil et al. SABE Maurer SATP Bohra-Mishra and Massey SHARE Delavande and Rohwedder SIPP Rendall et al.(481-506) SSD Zorlu and Mulder Simulation Ceballos, Diaz et al. U.S. Census McDaniel et al., Swaroop and Krysan UN Data Lam, Espenshade et al. US Supreme Court Data Stolzenberg Virginia 30k Boardman et al. WDI Zheng et al. WHO Data and Statistics Shkolnikov et al., Espenshade et al. WHO Mortality Database Rostron and Wilmoth WHS Pampel and Denney WIID2 Shkolnikov et al. World Bank Data Shkolnikov et al., Lam World Population Prospects Alkema et al.
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