Let’s Keep the Virtuous Circle Going

One way to understand the concept of the “Data Life Cycle” is to realize that there is a virtuous circle going between data and research findings: new data beget new findings and the new findings, new data collection, all the while deepening our understanding and enriching our knowledge.

This was the image that came to my mind when I read emails from the Mexican Migration Project (MMP) and the Latin American Migration Project (LAMP) asking users to post the publications based on their data. Have you done research using either project data? Then please help the projects continue to collect and share important migration data by adding your publication to the list. Visit the project publications page (MMP, LAMP) today, and let’s keep the good circle going!

Note: The manager of the MMP project informed me that MMP has an informative Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page available for the data users. Cool!

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