About Us

Chang Chung is a statistical programmer and data archivist at the Office of Population Research at Princeton University. Joann Donatiello is a Population Research Librarian at Donald E. Stokes library at Princeton University. Occasionally, we collaborate when responding to queries about data held at Princeton.


While walking to our cars one Fall day, we happened to strike up a conversation about…data, and how to get information about it to the people who need or want it. After some discussion, we realized we have slightly different perspectives and approaches to this challenge due to the different roles we play; but the conversation was richer and more interesting because of the differences. Chang has more experiences with handling, storing and accessing data and Joann with providing information about what is available and where to find it. Yet, both of us wanted to be able to share what we know in a friendly, easily readable format in which the user could refer back to the information if they needed it. We enjoyed our conversation and thought it might be a good idea to make it public. Well, the next thing we knew we were choosing a name for our blog! So…here we are. Our goal is to provide brief, but substantive news that is useful to those who use, produce, analyze, and study quantitative or qualitative data, whether they are about population, or just popular. We hope you find it helpful and we would appreciate your comments.