Learning Stata

Each fall, around the beginning of a new school year, Chang gets a question about learning Stata, one of our fully supported statistical analysis software applications. How can I learn Stata fast and use it efficiently? Here are some starting points.


Prof. Rodriguez’s website has an excellent tutorial that covers a wide range of topics including user interface, data management, graphics and programming. A bit longer, slower-paced, tutorial is found in the manual titled “Getting Started With Stata For Windows.” (There is one for UNIX and another for MAC as well.)

FAQs and Archive of Postings

The support section of StataCorp’s website features a well-organized FAQs and a searchable archive of the Statalist listserv postings. Both are very good places to find answers to your specific questions.

Examples and books

Statistical Consulting Services at UCLA has lots of examples. Check out the Stata Starter Kit. Several books try to teach both statistics and Stata. The library has a good selection including the following. See also Joann’s post on Stata books in our library.

  • A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using Stata by Rabe-Hesketh and Everitt (QA276.4 .R33 2007)
  • Regression Models for Categorial Dependent Variables Using Stata by Long and Freese (2007, QA278.2 .L66 2006)
  • A Visual Guide to Stata Graphics by Mitchell (QA276.4 .M57 2008)

Programming Help Office Hours

Sometimes it is helpful to talk to programmers who use Stata in a daily basis. Chang’s office hours are: 9:00 – 10:00 am MWF.

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