Names in the news: DNA, TV, hockey, and politics


Caltech professor Frances Arnold ’79 and colleague Willem Stemmer will share the $500,000 Charles Stark Draper Prize for their pioneering work in DNA sequencing. [USA Today]
TV producer David E. Kelley ’79 knows his new show, Harry’s Law, is a long shot, but he’s optimistic that it can find its niche. [Washington Post]
Calgary lawyer and former Princeton hockey captain Kirk Lamb ’01 was named the new chairman of the Canadian Junior Hockey League, an umbrella group that oversees Canada’s 10 junior-A leagues. [Calgary Herald]
Indiana governor and presidential prospect Mitch Daniels ’71 has received a vote of confidence from an unanticipated group of supporters: Yale undergrads. [Indianapolis Star]
Ellie Kemper ’02, a cast member on TV’s The Office, talks about comedy writing and her role in Sofia Coppola’s recent film Somewhere. [St. Louis Magazine]

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