Warnock ’25, Princeton’s oldest alumnus, dies at 107

Malcolm Warnock ’25 (Photo: T. Kevin Birch)
Malcolm Roe Warnock ’25, Princeton’s oldest alumnus and a fixture at the front of the Old Guard at Reunions, died Oct. 9, according to the University’s Office of Alumni Records. He was 107.
Warnock, a retired lawyer from Maplewood, N.J., was a member of the orchestra and glee club during his undergraduate days. He received the Class of 1923 Cane, given to the oldest returning alumnus at Reunions, a record eight times (2001, 2006-12).
In 2011, PAW wrote about one memorable Reunions visit for Warnock, who arranged to meet with Nana Young ’12, the daughter of Tina Young, a worker in the retirement home where Warnock lived. The two chatted about Princeton — a topic that the elder Young said was a popular one for Warnock. “The only way to get him to make conversation is to mention Princeton,” she said.
Video: Warnock receives the silver cane from President Tilghman in 2006.

One thought on “Warnock ’25, Princeton’s oldest alumnus, dies at 107

  1. Janice Stultz Roddenbery *77

    I will always remember Malcolm Warnock ’25 with fondness and respect. I first met Mr. Warnock at a Chapel Choir Alumni Sing at Reunions. He was 100 years old, and he joined in the singing with the rest of us, as did his two daughters. When he could no longer take part in the singing, he sat in a pew and enjoyed the music. I trust that he has joined the heavenly choir and is singing with great gusto.


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