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PAW readers may be familiar with alumni Oscar winners like Ethan Coen ’79, José Ferrer ’33, and Jimmy Stewart ’32, but how many remember Julian Krainin and DeWitt Sage? They were the directors of Princeton: A Search for Answers, a 1973 recruitment film that won an Academy Award for documentary, short subject. Our resident historian, Gregg Lange ’70, tells the story in his latest column.
— Marilyn H. Marks *86, editor

Rally ’Round the Cannon: Three Cheers for Old … Hollywood?
How did a documentary filmed in Princeton classrooms become an Oscar favorite? Gregg Lange ’70 tells the story. Also available as a podcast. READ MORE or LISTEN
Trivia Quiz: Princeton in the Movies
Test your knowledge of Princeton actors and filmmakers — and enter for a chance to win a prize. READ MORE
Essay: Still Dreaming of a Perfect Ending
Nearly 25 years after Georgetown survived Princeton men’s basketball’s upset bid in the NCAA Tournament, Paul Hauge ’80 finds himself listening for that whistle that never came. READ MORE
New Music: Noise Petals, Revisited
Noise Petals, an undergraduate band that rocked Princeton parties in the 1980s, has re-released its 1988 vinyl LP in digital form. LISTEN
New Books and Media
Princeton alumni and faculty publish hundreds of books each year. Some are featured in the pages of PAW, and many more are highlighted online. READ MORE

Survival Story
Ten years ago, Dr. Rodney Willoughby ’77 treated a teenager who had rabies, long thought to be fatal in all cases. She lived. But Willoughby’s methods remain under fire.
Turning Back the Clock
Can some of the declines associated with aging be delayed or even prevented? Biology professor Coleen Murphy thinks so.
Powerful Benefits
President Eisgruber ’83 was among more than 80 higher-education leaders who attended a White House conference on socioeconomic diversity in higher education. He outlined new initiatives to attract more low-income students to Princeton.
Doctor’s Order: Take Charge of Your Health
“Every day your body is talking to you,” author, doctor, and health advocate David Agus ’87 says. “You have to listen.”

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