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What once was called the Letters section of PAW is now known as Inbox, a nod to the fact that readers contact us through various channels: online comments, Facebook, Twitter, email, and yes, letters too. The recent outpouring of remembrances following Dean Fred Hargadon’s death illustrated this point. We invite you to read an expanded selection of the messages we received.
— Marilyn H. Marks *86, editor

Inbox: Remembering Dean Fred
Browse more memories of Fred Hargadon and share your stories about the former admission dean, who, in the words of one reader, “made an indelible mark on Princeton.” READ MORE
Alumni Day 2014: Coverage and Photos
View a slide show of photos from some of the day’s events, and read about the award winners, including top honorees Sonia Sotomayor ’76 and Hunter Rawlings III *70.
Meet the Champ: Jeopardy! Winner Terry O’Shea ’16
After winning the $100,000 Jeopardy! College Tournament, O’Shea was anxious to return to Mathey College’s trivia night. READ MORE
Slide Show: Alexander Gardner’s Civil War Images
Photographs from Princeton’s Civil War collections are featured in the March 19 issue. See additional selections online. VIEW
Rally ’Round the Cannon: Cinderella Wins, 49-50
Sports Illustrated calls it “the game that saved March Madness,” and PAW columnist Gregg Lange ’70 agrees. Read his take on Princeton-Georgetown 1989. Also available as a podcast. READ MORE or LISTEN

Life on the Run

A rising star in sociology chronicles the human costs of America’s policing and prison system.

A War Brought Home

In his photographs of the Civil War, Alexander Gardner proved the power of an art form coming of age.

Alumni Day: ‘In the Service of Humanity’

Honorees Sonia Sotomayor ’76 and Hunter Rawlings III *70 speak on service and higher education.

Naval ROTC to Return

Princeton students will travel to Rutgers for classes and training as a “crosstown unit.”

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