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Surace ’90: Proposal to Drop Full-Contact Football Practices Sets an Example

Discussion swirled in the football community last week when The New York Times reported that Ivy League football coaches had made a decision to eliminate all full-contact hitting from practices during the regular season. The move would mark a major step in combating heightened concerns about brain trauma and other related injuries in football.

Princeton head coach Bob Surace ’90 clarified that the move to eliminate full-contact hitting from regular season practices has yet to become established as official rule. “This is still a proposal that the Ivy League coaches have passed unanimously,” Surace said. “It will go to next steps with the league administrators and president, and they’ll make a decision before the start of next season.”

While the new rule may sound like a bold move, it would not change much about how Princeton or a number of other Ivy League teams operate their regular season practices, according to Surace. Dartmouth head coach Buddy Teevens told the Times and ESPN’s Outside the Lines that his team eliminated full-contact practices throughout the year in 2010. Surace said that his players do not go full-contact during regular season practices either, but that the passage of the proposal still sets an important precedent for football at the high school and younger levels.  Continue reading