João Biehl, PLAS Associated Faculty Member, to Receive Staley Prize

Joao_Biehl-m1João Biehl, the Susan Dod Brown Professor of Anthropology, has been selected to receive the 2013 J.I. Staley Prize for his book “Vita: Life in a Zone of Social Abandonment.” The prize is given annually by the School for Advanced Research for a book that represents the best writing and scholarship in anthropology. The Staley Prize panel called the work “a landmark of anthropological writing, humanizing in the most literal sense.” Biehl, who also co-directs the Program in Global Health and Health Policy, will receive the prize, which is accompanied by a $10,000 award, on Nov. 21 at the meetings of American Anthropological Association in Chicago.

Laura Gandolfi – One of four to win Jacobus Fellowship, top graduate student honor

Photo by Tommy AgostiniPrinceton University graduate students Angéle Christin, Laura Gandolfi, George Young and Jiaying Zhao have been named co-winners of the Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellowship, Princeton’s top honor for graduate students. The fellowships support the final year of study at Princeton and are awarded to students whose work has exhibited the highest scholarly excellence. 

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Arquitectura sin edificios: Propuesta urbana para León XIII, Costa Rica

De Mauricio Artinano y Ubaldo Escalante

Durante nuestra breve estadía en Costa Rica, logramos reunirnos y conversar con más de 60-65 personas relacionadas con el parque en el barrio de León XIII donde esperamos desarrollar nuestra propuesta de intervención urbana.  Entre las personas con las que nos reunimos estaban la Vicealcaldesa de la Municipalidad de Tibás, el Comandante de la Fuerza Pública de León XIII, el Padre Raschid de la Iglesia Católica de León XIII, personal de la Municipalidad de Tibás, personal del Hogar de Adultos Mayores de León XIII, personal de la Cruz Roja de León XIII, niños(as), jóvenes, adultos mayores…  De estas conversaciones logramos entender de primera mano la realidad de los vecinos y vecinas del parque y con base a estos insumos vamos a desarrollar nuestra propuesta.  La intención nuestra es además de una propuesta trabajar con todos estos actores, así como con el Profesor Mazzanti, para lograr hacerla realidad.

Roots of Brazil – A very important edition of a very important Brazilian essay

Sérgio Buarque de Holanda’s Roots of Brazil is one of the iconic books on Brazilian history, society, and culture. Originally published in 1936, it appears here for the first time in an English language translation with a foreword, “Why Read Roots of Brazil Today?” by Pedro Meira Monteiro, one of the world’s leading experts on Buarque de Holanda.

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Ricardo Emilio Piglia transfers to Emeritus Status

The following was published in the 2011 Princeton University Emeritus Booklet.

It is very difficult to imagine Latin American literature at Princeton without Ricardo Piglia.  He is not only an admired novelist but also an inspiring teacher and the author of brilliant essays on major Argentine writers and on the art of fiction.  Piglia has been associated with Princeton for almost 25 years since his appointment as a fellow in the Council of the Humanities in 1987. During the 1990s he taught at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, and returned to Princeton on several occasion as a visiting professor.  He also taught at Harvard University and at the University of California-Davis.  In 2001 he accepted a position in the newly created Department of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures at Princeton and since then has been the Walter S. Carpenter Professor of Language, Literature, and Civilization of Spain.

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