Lauren Morera ’15, Visionary Capital

Completing the Princeternship at Visionary was definitely a unique experience that I won’t soon forget.  The organization itself was run very differently than I expected, and the actual work the company did was less financial than I expected it to be. I spent two days working in New York with the Visionary team.  Visionary is like the e-harmony of business and is an outgrowth of the older VisCap model founded by the same Princeton alumni as Visionary, Alex Salzman ‘07.  The time during the Princeternship was very exciting for Visionary because the organization was sponsoring the Wall Street Green Summit at the time.  This allowed me to see all the behind the scenes work that goes into a conference and all the logistical issues that can arise when more than one group of people is attempting to run the same conference.  My first day was mostly spent helping Visionary with some administrative work on Salesforce by organizing the contacts that Visionary would be inviting to the closing reception of the Summit the following day.  Alex also let us listen in to some calls which was interesting and this allowed me to get a better feel for what the business was.  At the end of the first day we went over to see the venue for the conference where we would be meeting the next day.

Lauren, Alex Salzman, and fellow Princetern Kyle

On Tuesday Kyle, the other student on the Princeternship, and I met at the conference venue where we spent the day talking to various professionals in ‘Green’ fields.  We met people who worked for green investment banks and green manufacturing companies and I thought that these interactions were extremely valuable because they allowed me to get exposure to a unique and innovative field of New York professionals.  At the end of the second day we went to the reception hosted by Visionary where we met some other professionals, but mostly talked to Princeton alumni who also worked at Visionary and gave us their perceptions of the field.

I would really like to thank Alex for giving me the opportunity to work with the company and learn both about myself and Visionary through this process.