Jane Pritchard ’15, BlissPR

My Princeternship experience with Bliss PR was certainly a memorable one. Not only did I learn a considerable amount about the PR industry, but I also gained important insight regarding my own academic path.

I started my day at 9 am at Bliss.  I was given a quick tour of the office where I became acquainted with the various employees.  Everybody was immediately welcoming and friendly.  My first activity was meeting with my internship coordinator, Glori Perez.  She started out by describing her function at the PR firm, which pertains specifically to the financial services arm of the company.  PR turned out to be very different than what I thought it was.  Although they are very similar industries, I definitely had my lines blurred between marketing, advertising, and public relations.  PR as it related to financial services companies like one of Glori’s biggest clients, a large life insurance company, was something I entirely misunderstood before she helped clear up my confusion.  PR is not just about constantly making the company look good and releasing positive statements about their work.   I gathered that it was more about making your company look like it is an expert in its field.  Glori took me through the different steps necessary for the research she does for her clients.  Bliss employees are constantly reading any bit of news they can find that pertains to their clients. 

Once I had a better hold on the type of work they do at Bliss, I met with employees from every division of the company: Financial services, health care, social media, professional services, and their journalist consultant, Toddi Gutner.  Each representative from his or her respective department was enthusiastic and informative.  They filled me in on their day-to-day schedules as well as their personal career choices that led them to working in the PR industry.  The range and diversity of college majors and previous employers was extremely impressive.  Before this experience, I had the notion that college majors lead people on tracks and limit the type of work that they can do.  The employees at Bliss proved to me that I should major in whatever I find most interesting, because I will likely end up doing something that deviates from the plan.

I went in to this program thinking that in order to be in business or law (two of my possible career paths)  I would need a degree related to finance, economics, politics, or something that would give me experience directly related to these fields.  Now, I think I am going to pursue creative writing, because it’s something I have always wanted to do.  I don’t know what sort of career I will end up having, but I only have four years in college, so I think I will spend them studying what makes me the happiest.

As John Bliss told me, the most important skill you need for any job coming out of college is knowing how to write.  He seemed to believe that after this skill, anything is within reach.  I will forever be grateful for his kindness and generosity towards myself for letting me come in to Bliss PR for a day.  I certainly learned a great deal about PR and formed some new opinions about my own future career and how I will get there.  Overall, I had a wonderful experience and I recommend it to everyone.