Julian Dean ’13, Visionary Capital

On Tuesday, March 20, during Spring Break, I participated in a Princeternship at Visionary in New York City, hosted by Alex Salzman ’07. Visionary is a recently founded company that works to match businesspeople including investors and entrepreneurs, particularly those focusing on green tech, social entrepreneurship, and sustainability.

I came on the second day of the Wall Street Green Summit, a conference for people interested in sustainable and “green” finance. Visionary was hosting a reception after the event. My contribution was to encourage as many people as possible to attend.

I began in the morning at the headquarters in Brooklyn where a team of employees, mostly Princeton alumni, were calling invitees to follow up and encourage attendance. I identified contacts and prepared materials for the conference.

Julian, Alex Salzman, and fellow Princetern Kyle

Around lunchtime I moved to the conference in Manhattan, where I described the reception to conference attendees and provided them with materials and surveys about the event. After the conference I attended the reception and further described Visionary to attendees and encouraged them to investigate participation.

It was interesting and energizing to experience the fast pace of a new startup. I quickly learned the fundamentals of the business so that I could describe Visionary, and the post-conference reception, to conference attendees.